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Natural Lawn

Natural Lawn

Home living has become so important in South Africa especially in and around Cape Town and Johannesburg more people are investing in landscaping their gardens.
The garden is a place to get away from the stress of work, the nightmare of daily traffic and the drudgery of daily life. The garden becomes a getaway; it serves as an entertainment area for adults and children, but also attracts large varieties of bird and animal life.


Types of Natural Lawn.

Below is a list of roll on natural grass we have in stock that suits all weather conditions and environments.

  • Kikuyu Grass.
  • Cynodin Grass.
  • LM beria Grass.
  • buffalo Grass.

Our Working Process

  • Clearing and digging (15mm depth) and levelling the area.
  • Weed suppressing membrane application.
  • Crusher dust application, screeding, dampening, compacting, shock absorbent material (optional).
  • Hand-pack the edging / concrete edging, repeating compacting.
  • Rolling out lawn, aligning grass to a desired size and shape.
  • Reinforcing the join with glue and defibrillating the new lawn in order to raise the yarns. (* Synthetic Lawn only)
  • DONE...!

Our Natural Lawn Projects.

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